Aluminium Windows in Haywards Heath
Window Replacements and Repairs in Haywards Heath and the Surrounding Areas

At Lewes Glass Ltd, our talented team supplies and installs a range of high-quality aluminium windows and doors, UPVC windows, bifold doors, composite doors and windows and also completes seamless window replacements and repairs. We skillfully fit doors and windows that fit domestic customers' and commercial clients’ exact specifications for their properties in Haywards Heath and all of the surrounding areas. Read the testimonials from previous clients to learn more about the quality work we complete. 

Here our knowledgeable team have answered some commonly asked questions about the aluminium casement windows we install. 

What Are They?

The first-rate aluminium casement windows we install are aluminium windows that open via hinges. This type of window is typically side hung on hinges and usually open outwards in a pair.

Why Choose Them?

Aluminium casement windows can match the aesthetic of homes whilst providing extra ventilation. With our quality aluminium windows, you can choose an option that will fit the existing characteristics of your home. Our trusted in-house team install casement windows to meet your exact specifications.

How Do They Open?

It’s up to you! When considering aluminium casement windows, you can decide if they should open inwards or outwards. We recommend outwards opening windows installed above head height for ground floor and above builds so rain and damp won’t enter your home when the windows are open. However, for those who are planning on fitting casement windows in the basement of their home in Haywards Heath, or the other areas we cover, our team recommends that they should be fitted so they open inwards. This is so they don’t obstruct the area outside of the basement window, which could cause a trip hazard for homes with a pathway near their basement. The reliable team at Lewes Glass also fit a range of UPVC windows and doors, aluminium windows and doors, bifold doors and composite doors and windows to suit each customer’s unique requirements. We can also complete window replacements and repairs to ensure that homes are safe, secure and attractive.

Where can they be placed?

Aluminium casement windows are the perfect choice for rooms that need additional ventilation. They can also be fitted in hard-to-reach areas because you can choose between them opening inwards or outwards. Rooms that often benefit from extra ventilation include kitchens and bathrooms so airflow is easy and welcome. Older properties often already have casement windows and our experts are accomplished at replacing or fitting them to match the existing structure. These types of windows also make pleasant additions to more modern homes and with aluminium being a strong and durable material, they provide additional security compared to existing casement windows. 

The team at Lewes Glass are available to answer any questions that prospective clients have about the high-quality aluminium windows and doors that we install as well as the specialist window replacements, UPVC windows and doors, aluminium windows and doors, bifold doors and composite doors and windows we supply and fit. Our team provides our services to domestic customers and commercial clients in Haywards Heath and all of the surrounding areas.

For expert aluminium window installations and window replacements in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas, please call Lewes Glass Ltd on 01273 475123 or 07845 126456 today.